Unsecured Business Funding

You envision a perfect, thriving business. An excellent business plan will readily get you there. The idea is to have enough operating funds and capital to run your business accordingly. Unfortunately, you will likely meet a few cashflow hitches along the way, requiring you to look for working capital solutions. It could happen even with excellent cash flow strategies. Unsecured business funding is hard to find. But with the correct information, this will be beneficial. Consider the following advantages.

Minimal Risks

An unsecured credit facility assures you of minimal risks in the long run. You’ll not need to worry about losing collateral or part of your business. This unsecured funding attracts no property seizure supposing you default on it. However, there are rare cases when the lender can opt to take part of your property, particularly if your business is not unlimited.

Courts allow you to file for bankruptcy if you cannot repay it. Filing for bankruptcy will enable the courts to discharge the credit facility altogether. In brief, you do not need to worry about losing your assets upon default.

You Do Not Need Collateral

Suppose you are new to the business, or perhaps a startup. In that case, your business will hardly have enough assets to use as collateral. It will also be unwise to use personal property as security when acquiring working capital solutions. Unsecured business funding provides you with an avenue around this problem.

However, you will need to provide various documents before securing this facility. For instance, business plans, marketing opportunities, and market insights will suffice in this case. In some cases, you will provide a personal guarantee to secure business funding. This document allows the lender to go after some of your private property.

Flexible Repayment Plans

Nothing can be as discomforting as inflexible repayment plans. Such a payment plan will stunt your business growth, losing revenue and clients in the long run. Fortunately, you do not experience this if you opt for unsecured business funding. This method allows you to choose a repayment plan and strategy that suits your business model.

The payment durations will often vary. This extended period ensures that you remit your installments with no struggle. Besides, flexible repayment plans will ease pressure on your business operations, providing room for eventual growth.

At the same time, multiple types of unsecured business funding are available. You will compare these options before settling for one that suits you best. The idea is to get something that will not limit your operations or jeopardize growth. For instance, the business line of credit could be the preferred selection. You could attribute this to its flexibility and convenience.

Securing affordable, unsecured business funding can be a bit challenging. Yet, with iKahn Capital, quick business funding will no longer be an issue! We boast a team of financing experts that will walk you through different unsecured business funding options, ensuring that you choose the best. Our affordable interest rates make us a perfect match for your working capital solutions. Call us today at (917) 863-3630 and book a consultation.